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Posted by SplatterClock - October 25th, 2010


Posted by SplatterClock - November 6th, 2007

Deleted for being to bitchy.

Posted by SplatterClock - September 25th, 2007

Well, as some of you already know my house caught on fire two weeks ago. My Monday started at 12:00 AM when my brother woke my mom and I up and we rushed out to the front of our town house. I watched the flame outside for about 20 minutes before the firemen showed up, hosed it down, broke our windows, and left. The co-manager of the town houses was over telling us not to worry, that they'd fix the house up, that they'd relocate us for the time it was being fixed so I was like "Ok, whatever." At 3:00 something my mom drove me to her friend's house where I got less then 3 hours of sleep before I went to school. (lmao, I should've stood home but I had nothing to do at my Mom's super religious, organic-food-only friend's house.) After a pretty bad day at school I got back "home" and found out that the fucking bitch manager had evicted us, blaming the fire on us when it was completely not our fault.

In one day I was homeless. We were going to sue her but decided not to because that would take forever and lots of money and we might not win, single parent, etc. etc. The week goes by and my mom gets in a fight with her friend so we can't stay there anymore. We go to one of my friend's houses where I am right now. We find a nice place to rent, we're about to stay there when the manager of the town house says we're bad residents and mentions the fire. We are denied it. All in all, it was a pretty shitty week but, believe me, I've had worse because my life is like totally fucked up. Oh well. Well, we've found a house we can finally buy but it might take a long time to move in to it. I feel kinda bad right now but I guess I just gotta look on the bright side of things, huh?

Well, I doubt anyone will actually read this but getting it out of my system helps me out usually. I won't be able to release any of the movies I planned to which is the bad thing. Later guys.

Posted by SplatterClock - August 29th, 2007

This will be one funny week on NG.

I got Review Crew Pick!

Posted by SplatterClock - July 18th, 2007

It's been a while since I've made any flash, but here I'll keep you updated on the ones I'm currently working on, alright? :3 I'm currently finishing up a movie about Swede and I going to Disney Land because I'm sad, I'm trying a new style, there will be only music and sounds in this one, no actual talking. I hope to get it done very soon. Anyway, later guys :P The movie inspired by this picture he drew for me:

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